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Prenatal Care

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe, but very effective for both mom + baby. Our nervous system is the source of all growth + development.  Therefore, a readily adapting nervous system is critical during pregnancy for both mom & baby.  Our spine encases and protects the nervous system.  With stress + strain the spine and pelvis can become misaligned.  Removing misalignments and maintaining a balanced spine + pelvis allows for a healthy functioning nervous system to help baby grow.  Webster Technique is a technique that balances the pelvis by removing sacral subluxations and releasing torqued ligaments that may impinge on the baby's space.  Creating a balanced pelvis allows baby to move freely + unrestricted. 

Prenatal Chiropractic adjustments are helpful with: Pelvic Girdle Pain, Sciatic pain, Neck/back pain , Heartburn, Multiples, Preventing potential breech position & cesarian, ​Reducing time in labor & birth, Reduced Dystocia

Pediatric Care

​In order for proper health and development, children require a properly functioning nervous system.  Chiropractic adjustment for children is safe, gentle & effective.  Adjustments provide children with a healthy nervous system and a strong foundation for growth + development.  A child can be adjusted as early as post-birth.  

Adjustments provide a healthy functioning nervous system and can also help children suffering from:

Colic, GERD, Sleeping issues, Irritability, Ear infections, Bedwetting , Growing pains , Poor posture, Developmental disabilities  

Adult Care

Adults encounter daily physical, emotional, and chemical stressors.  Our body's do our best to adapt to these external and internal stressors.  However, these stressors can lead to spinal misalignments.  Spinal misalignments can develop overtime with no symptoms.  Ultimately, these misalignments accumulate + take a toll on the structure and function of our bodies, resulting in acute and painful episodes.  A chiropractic adjustment correct these misalignments, as well as work to prevent future episodes.

Proper maintenance care can alleviate: Headaches/migraines, Neck/back pain, Radiating pain down arm/leg, Sciatica, Immobility, Muscle Spasms, ​Digestive issues​


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Chiropractic Care

Daily physical, emotional, + chemical stressors take a toll on the spine. This can create vertebral misalignments that irritate the surrounding nerves + soft tissue resulting in symptoms: pain, muscle spasms, headaches, vertigo, sciatica, fatigue, organ dysfunction, and much more


Chiropractic care is a philosophy, science + art

The body has an innate intelligence allowing it to heal itself, when given the right tools. This is the basis for the "Philosophy" of Chiropractic Care + a Chiropractic Adjustment


A Chiropractic Adjustment is the "Art".  A Chiropractor specifically + purposely applies force to the pelvis or vertebrae to correct the misalignment, relieving pain + allowing the body to heal. Start Chiropractic care with your local Chiropractor in Ocean Beach, San Diego!


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