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Subluxations occurs from traumas, toxins and stress. 

Traumas include large physical accidents or injuries as well as microtraumas. Microtraumas occur from repeatedly doing the same activity (i.e. posture).  

Toxins include environmental, chemical, or pharmaceutical.

Stress can be the most hidden cause of subluxation. Stress on the brain can create tension within the body reducing function

The role of the Chiropractor is to detect and correct subluxations.  

A subluxation is an interference between the brain and body due to a fixed vertebrae. 

This interference within the nervous system alters communication and can prevent the body from adapting and functioning properly.

Adaptation is how the body stays healthy and fights of disease. The lack of adaptation can make the body susceptible to illness.

Interference/Subluxations may or may not prfesent with symptoms.

adjustment can remove the interference within the nervous system and allow the body to function at a greater state of health.

It is important to know what causes subluxations in order to avoid future interferences.